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Chico’s Smoke Shop was established in 1982 as King’s Smoke Shop by Mr King and Mr Jose Francisco. In 1990 Mr Jose Francisco passed on with wishes for his daughter Esmeralda Francisco to take over the business. Esmeralda immediately began working on making these wishes come true and after a hard fought battle in 1993 Esmeralda Francisco and her brother Fred Francisco became owners of the Smoke Shop.

Esmeralda Francisco has since reopened the smoke shop as Chico’s Smoke Shop naming it after the late Jose Francisco (Chico) her father. Esmerelda continues to run the day to day operations of the family owned smoke shop with the help of her son Richard Francisco.

Esmeralda, Richard and the Chico’s Smoke Shop team pride themselves on affordable pricing and convenience. The smoke shop has two drive up windows in addition to a brick and mortar store. Chico’s Smoke Shop caters to all smoking needs and includes a walk in humidor for the cigar enthusiast.

Image by Youjeen Cho


In 1992 the Tohono O’odham Swap Meet was established as Westover Swap Meet. The late Jose M Francisco (Chico) took over owner ship renaming it the Tohono O’odham Swap Meet. In 1993 Chico’s daughter Esmeralda Francisco began running the family owned swap meet with the help of her son Richard Francisco. The Tohono O’odham Swap meet is a household, yard sale swap meet with a variety of food and antique vendors. Uniquely, the swap meet is often referred to as Tucson’s original swap meet. 

Vendors vary by day but often time include food, barbers, windows & doors, quads, food, raspados, produce, plants, used auto parts and more. 

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